Why use a CMMS platform?

When the first companies began implementing CMMS solutions in the late 1980s and early 1990s, it quickly became clear that the benefits outweighed the costs. Soon, even the most reluctant companies realized that adopting new technologies wouldn’t be a phase. The way most industries operated was forever changed. There was no going back to the old days of pencil and paper.

CMMS platforms were developed to simplify maintenance management and are now used in virtually every industry. Power plants, airports, schools and universities, even retail and healthcare – they all rely on computer software every day. One industry, in particular, has become highly dependent on CMMS software and other digital solutions – manufacturing.

Computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) help manufacturers around the world manage work orders, streamline maintenance operations and reduce costs. However, it’s important to remember that CMMS solutions implemented several years ago may not have stood the test of time.

Are you sure your CMMS platform meets the needs of your business today?

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Mobile App: Innovation in a CMMS platform

Even early adopters of computing solutions agree that the only way to have an edge over the competition is to keep up with the times. Technology is changing the way we live and the way we work. Embrace digital innovation and streamline the workflow of your business!

Most CMMS tools are cloud-based. That’s great because cloud-based software proves time and time again to be practical, scalable, and cost-effective. To make maintenance management in your operation even easier and more efficient, you can add a custom mobile app for smartphones and other mobile devices.

How can a CMMS mobile app help your maintenance team?

1. Reduce machine downtime

Whether they are responding to a broken machine or performing a routine inspection, your maintenance team needs easy access to data to be successful. With a CMMS mobile app, your workers have all the information they need right on their mobile devices. This way, your team doesn’t waste time reviewing paperwork and maximizes the life of your machines thanks to planned preventive maintenance. With the advanced notification system, your most skilled technicians are the first to know when a machine reports a fault. They can respond quickly, fixing the problem as soon as possible and minimizing machine downtime to save production costs.

2. Lower maintenance costs

Unexpected machine breakdowns can cause major problems for a production operation: delays in delivery time, hours of extra work to fix the problem, issues with missing parts, and more. It all boils down to one fact: losing money.

That’s why a proactive approach with a CMMS system that monitors all your equipment and collects data is so important. A CMMS mobile app can track, prioritize and assign maintenance tasks to ensure smooth operations and reduce overall costs.

3. Increase productivity

A CMMS mobile app can’t do the work of a skilled worker. However, it can help your technicians better organize their workdays, stop wasting time lugging paper documents, and streamline communication within the team. As a result, your employees spend less time on mundane administrative tasks and can devote their full attention to their job.

Is it worth investing in a CMMS mobile app?

Short answer: yes! Two years after Deloitte published its survey, investment in better training and instructions remains a top priority for all organizations.

Over the years, Marviq has helped manufacturing companies set up, improve and update their CMMS solutions. One of the most innovative tools we’ve developed is a mobile app – Yoho – designed specifically for environments without office workstations, such as factories.

Thanks to close collaboration with manufacturers, understanding the challenges of managing deskless workers, and the motivation to develop something truly unique, Yoho became a one-of-a-kind video-based training and management platform for factory personnel. With its advanced chat and notification system, Yoho helps engage workers and improve internal communication. Since Yoho is fully customizable, it can be adapted to your company’s needs and serve multiple purposes at once.

Above all, our customers appreciate that Yoho has improved their overall organization, made task management easier, and significantly extended the life of their equipment, ultimately reducing costs and increasing profits.

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