The metamorphosis – and success – of Marviq

As technology moves ahead at warp speed, companies are asking themselves various questions:
“Are we up to date?”, “Are we attractive in the market?”, “Are we sufficiently effective and attractive?” This was also the case at Marviq, specifically when talking about front-end technologies.

Natalia Szaryńska
Natalia Szarynska


When making decisions, it’s important to remember that every company relies on the work of developers. Without the developers, there is no product – and this is one of the main reasons for the described problem. To expand the company, new developers need to be hired. But every year these new, younger people bring newer technological solutions.

The next reason is that developers want to maintain their value and strengths in the market. Every developer wants to develop and expand their knowledge, and companies are committed to provide these opportunities.

Another reason is the attractiveness of the company to the customers. Nowadays, a client may come to us with certain expectations when it comes to technologies and will expect the latest – but also stable – solutions from Marviq.

Interest in older technologies is being lost, which means that support for these older frameworks and support from developers around the world is also getting less and less. It is becoming more difficult to find help and articles about an older technology.

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Marviq’s path to success

A few years ago, Marviq was committed to an older framework: backbone.js. It was cumbersome to program in it and hard to find developers with experience or willingness to work in it. But we then came across a small project, which we could use to experiment. At this point, we didn’t have a favourite yet as far as the front-end framework is concerned, so we faced an important decision.

Angular – yes, we chose Angular v.2. I personally insisted on choosing this framework. By browsing through articles about new frameworks and their capabilities and potential. I chose it based on the difficulty. I saw potential in it – more difficult than others, but able to train developers to improve their programming skills and best practices. It forces developers to expand their knowledge of technology, not just “patting” the code.

While working on the small project, we tried to make the product as “scalable” as possible. This means that in the event of a problem or failure, we could learn from this for other projects and frameworks. We were also creating libraries in Angular when working on a project (yes, back then Angular already provided a nice way to do this). After a few sprints, we managed to achieve our goal – we had it! Thanks to a good approach and scalable application development, we used the given solutions in subsequent projects. Time saved in re-implementing the same things was spent on expanding our libraries.

After some time, we could see that Angular developers, thanks to its complexity, are better at adapting to a change or adapting to another framework. Unfortunately though, Vue or React developers have a harder time switching to Angular.

As time went by…

As we constantly broadened our knowledge in a new field, we noticed new possibilities and solutions. We had arrived at the point where we had dynamic libraries for the use of Rest API services, ready-made login components, panels, tables and graphs. We extended the projects with PWA (Progressive Web Application), WebSocket, webworker etc. Marviq successfully completed many projects based on this decision.

Marviq has become a very important partner in providing front-end solutions and is treated by clients as such. We are able to share our knowledge based on all solved problems, experience and diversity of products delivered. I can easily say that thanks to the decisions that we have made, we have obtained success not only for the company but also for developers.

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