Supporting the Needs of a Growing Manufacturer

Airopack manufactures air-pressurized dispensing systems, which they developed and patented in 2010. Since then, the company has been a global leader in sustainable and innovative dispensing solutions. To keep up with the growing demand for their original aerosol solutions, Airopack moved to a new, larger factory in 2017. With an ambitious goal to increase capacity from 80 million to 840 million units per year in 2018, management knew they faced a major challenge. To get the new factory on track for success, Airopack reached out to Marviq for help.

Monitoring Production Processes With Custom Dashboards

In the new factory, Airopack produces ready-to-fill aerosol cans with a patented valve technology that allows them to use pure air instead of toxic propellants and chemicals. All necessary parts are manufactured and assembled by machines on the factory floor. However, the entire process didn’t run as smoothly and effectively as the company would like. Because of the high output, the machines operate at very high speeds. Often, one machine producing parts was running so fast that the rest of the production line couldn’t keep up, resulting in forced downtime or problems synchronizing production. Airopack needed a better tracking and monitoring system to optimize the production process.

Marviq engineers proposed a software solution that addressed all the problems. We made all the data streams from machines and other data sources transparent and converted them into management information through software. The dashboards we created now clearly display all the necessary information. This allows the manufacturer to quickly assess the technical performance of all machines, get a bird’s eye view of the factory’s performance, and track the supply chain in real time.

One of the many solutions Marviq implemented was a system to monitor production waste and scrap. Now, with a glance at the dashboard, the manufacturer knows exactly what percentage of production ends up as recyclable scrap and what inevitably ends up in waste. With this information, production line management can quickly intervene in the process to increase its efficiency and effectiveness.

Innovative and Holistic Approach

Properly monitoring the efficiency and performance of the machines wasn’t Airopack’s only problem. In addition to the machines and technology, the factory staff also needed to be optimized. To help Airopack solve this problem, Marviq introduced another innovative solution. We strategically placed several tablets around the factory’s key machines and production lines. Then we introduced time limits for each tablet to register interaction with a human employee. This was to prevent the machines from being left unattended for extended periods of time. If an employee didn’t press the button on the corresponding machine tablet within the specified time limit, a notification was sent to management. Thanks to this system, management was able to monitor employee productivity and ensure that the number of staff on the factory floor was sufficient.

Comprehensive Solutions for All Your Pressing Needs

With the help of Marviq’s software, Airopack is able to reach its full potential and continue to grow at a rapid pace. Our customized solution addressed a number of issues facing the company – from purely technological machine data management and display to ensuring the company hires enough workers to keep production at an optimal level. We’ll work tirelessly to develop a solution that addresses each of your issues.

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Airopack is a leading sustainable aerosol manufacturer with their headquarters in The Netherlands. Their products are the only transparent and air-pressurized dispensing systems available on the market.

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