Streamlining Bliq’s software system for growth

As the energy transition gains momentum, players in the renewable energy industry are increasingly leveraging digital technology to expand their capabilities and differentiate themselves. Cloud-based technology, in particular, enables companies to shift to more secure, cost-effective, flexible systems with aligned interfaces.

Keeping up with software developments

With a business at the interface of energy and consumer software, energy solutions provider Bliq was looking for new opportunities to distinguish itself from competitors. To do this and gain more ownership over its solutions, it needed to keep its software systems ahead of the curve.

Cloud migration and streamlining

That’s where we came in. In November 2019, we began working with Bliq to audit their existing software and, from there, help migrate it to the cloud and align the system’s multiple elements. Specifically, our focus from May to September 2020 was making it easier to add new Bliq customers to the system by simplifying the external registration portals.

Next, we began creating a dedicated portal where solar panel installers could see insights into their installations’ energy performance. This involved handling several external systems, each with different parts of the required information. As part of the streamlining process, we also integrated Bliq’s existing consumer app into the wider system.

“Marviq didn’t just provide software solutions – they also thought along with us about how to create the solutions we needed and integrate them fully into our systems. Our close cooperation helped make these solutions as effective as possible.” – Paul Sap, Bliq Technical Project Manager

Enabling efficiency and effectiveness

These updates brought several benefits to Bliq. Specifically, moving to the cloud enabled greater scalability and control, while integrating all Bliq’s processes into easy-to-manage portals enabled them to manage these processes more efficiently. Together, these changes will enable Bliq to support customers and end-consumers more effectively. For instance, by making all the information easy to find, the integrated installer portal will enable Bliq’s customers to address potential end-user issues quickly and proactively.

“Marviq’s solutions have made it much easier to manage our various portals and support our customers, and this will drive greater engagement with our services. We’re aiming for strong growth this year, and thanks to Marviq’s support, we’re well on track to meet our targets!” – Paul van Deursen, Bliq CEO

A strong platform for future growth

In short, with its updated software, Bliq is now well set up for strong further growth. The portal for installers will be a particularly big milestone: we’re planning to take the minimum viable product (MVP) live in Q2, and launch a full version by the end of this year. Through these solutions, we’re supporting Bliq to become a fully independent solution provider – and we’re very excited to see it conquer the market!

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Bliq is a tailor-made energy solutions provider with a difference: its ‘Bliq-vanger’ device and app enable consumers and solar panel owners to monitor energy consumption at a much higher frequency than regular energy providers. By supporting Bliq in keeping its software systems ahead of the curve, we’re helping them build a strong platform for future growth.

Tech stack

  • Rancher Kubernetes
  • Spring Boot
  • Angular and Vue.js
  • Azure Application Insights
  • Azure AD