Moving from paper registration to fully digital

At the facilities of Contitank at the Port of Delfzijl trucks, ships and trains continuously visit. They all (un)load their fluids to and from the substantial (heated) tanks. For all of these transitions from a vehicle to a tank or inter-tank Marviq developed a system where all information is kept from contracts to activity logs where one of the key results is automated invoicing.

Contitank has contracts with its customers. These contracts store agreements on consumable services and tariffs used for those services. The contracts are generated in PDF format and are, when signed, stored within the system. From this point on actions can be logged on that contract where Contitank has a centralized store of all actions performed on the premiss. Actions can be anything from the transfer from a truck to a container, weighing of a truck to the service of heating oils during storage.

The last step of the day to day business administration is the rendering of automated invoices based on the contracts and actions logged in the system. Of course manual exceptions can be added but overall this is an automated process for Contitank where the time consumption of monthly manual creation and verification of invoices has drastically been reduced.

“This systems has helped us work 40% faster which enables us to serve our clients more efficiently” – Mark van Lierop CFO

Data provides new insights

As a result of these key functions of the system at Contitank all data is stored digitally and is accessible to any authorized users by accessing the API which exposes services to query raw data as well as aggregated data. The architecture supports these methods of data querying by separating business logic and presentation where a separate front-end application is developed using Angular.

Contitank is using this data for creating management reports. With the application of data analysis they are able to use this data to make predictions about the near future.

Next Steps

As this system is currently running for Contitank internal processes, the data could be shared with customers to inform them in an automated way on their data. For instance the current amount of contents in a container, what actions have been, are, or will be performed on a tank. What the next invoice will be, etc. The use of an app can also alert customers of any actions performed on their assets stored at Contitank using the already existing API.

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Contitank is a full-service logistics provider with special storage tanks for animal and vegetable oils and fats. For its day to day business it relies on information registration and communication of the administration of transitions of the stored goods. To that end Marviq developed an application that keeps an eye on what’s happening and takes care of the invoicing afterwards.

Tech Stack

  • Linux
  • Spring boot
  • Angular