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Sustainability-oriented Technological Progress

Nederlandse Water Fabriek (NWF) is a leading manufacturer of water treatment products such as water softeners, descalers, and filtration systems in the Netherlands. With over 20 years of experience in the Dutch market, the company is known for its innovative and environmentally friendly approach. 

The company’s keen interest in sustainability and fascination with the latest technological developments led to the launch of a new product – Smart Water Treatment. The new addition to the NWF product line is an IoT (Internet of Things) solution that makes water softeners and water filters smarter, easier and better.

NWF offers two options for its Smart Water Treatment (SWT) system, depending on the level of sophistication. The Basic SWT option includes a QR code or NFC chip that the end user can scan to find equipment operating instructions or order service products such as regeneration salt, resin cleaner, or replacement filters.

The Enterprise SWT solution includes an additional external IoT device with sensors and an Internet connection. The device detects the status of a water softener or filter and measures the regeneration status and the salt level.

Nederlandse Water Fabriek had to develop an app to use the smart functions for both offered options.

Enter: Marviq.

A Mobile App for Predictive Maintenance and Equipment Monitoring

The development team at Marviq has created a mobile app that offers three main functions. Each of them serves a specific purpose and is beneficial for all stakeholders.

    1. Reduce paper waste

By scanning a QR code, end users can access manuals, reducing the need for paper. The app also provides an easy way to order spare parts.

    2. Convenient 24/7 monitoring

By connecting to the external IoT device, the app provides the end user with a variety of data based on readings collected by the device’s sensors. Customers can conveniently check the status of their water softeners or filters to ensure everything is in working order at all times.

    3. Preventive maintenance

The app is also used by the maintenance company for water filters and softeners. It allows them to check the status of any device remotely. With built-in notifications and alerts, maintenance staff know precisely when a customer visit is needed (or will be soon). Instead of scheduling routine annual maintenance appointments, they can now rely on real-time data and avoid incidents by servicing equipment exactly when needed. Thanks to the app, the maintenance company can cut costs by eliminating unnecessary appointments. At the same time, thanks to the current device status, end users can prevent unexpected incidents and extend the life of the devices.

Digitalization for Every Industry

NWF’s example shows that all industries need to advance their technological progress to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding public. Even devices like water softeners and filters can and should be made smarter. With a user-friendly interface and various helpful features, they can help prevent problems, extend equipment life and reduce paper waste to improve our carbon footprint.

The Nederlandse Water Fabriek has boldly entered a new phase with an innovative and technologically advanced solution. Will you be next?

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ClientNederlandse Water Fabriek

Nederlandse Water Fabriek is a Dutch company producing innovative water treatment products, such as water softeners, descalers, and filter systems.

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