Linking craftsmanship with technology

DCS Coating is a family-run Dutch company specializing in corrosion protection. Using techniques such as blasting, spraying, metallizing, and fireproofing, DCS Coating helps protect large metal structures from rust.

The company is known for its innovative approach and has worked on many well-known structures such as the Erasmusbrug in Rotterdam.

While DCS Coating uses the latest techniques and most innovative solutions for its daily tasks, the company also places great emphasis on the craftsmanship of its skilled workers.

Using specialized equipment, DCS workers apply protective coatings to all types of metal structures, ensuring that the coating is safe and durable.

But as always with human-performed work, the precision with which the tasks are done is difficult to measure. In DCS’s case, the problem was that workers often applied one coat too many to ensure that the surface was adequately protected.

“Better safe than sorry” was an understandable approach, as the responsibility for protecting large constructions such as bridges and offshore platforms is immense. Nevertheless, each unnecessarily applied layer of an expensive anti-corrosion coating contributed to an ever-increasing waste of resources and money.

In addition, due to increasing environmental concerns, DCS is looking for new technologies to improve efficiency and reduce climate impact.

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AR solution to reduce costs and increase efficiency

DCS considered using AR to tackle this problem and found in Marviq the perfect partner to make this solution work.

Due to the complexity of the problem, we focused on a customized Augmented Reality (AR) solution that would help workers applying the protective coatings identify which areas of the metal structure were already adequately covered.

Our best engineers worked hard to develop the first prototypes using professional AR hardware and our privately developed software to test the solution. Using a special tracker attached to the paint guns, we are able to measure exactly how much protective paint is sprayed during certain movements and at certain times. With this information, we can track the workers’ movements and determine how many coats of paint need to be applied to sufficiently cover a given surface. A special sound signal is then added to warn the worker when the paint from the spray gun is approaching an area that has already been covered so that no further unnecessary layer is applied.

Ultimately, we hope this solution will help DCS workers distinguish areas that still need to be coated from those that have already been sufficiently sprayed, saving the company money and lowering its environmental impact. In addition, reducing the application of unnecessary coats will also increase productivity and cut down the time wasted on applying additional layers of paint.

An innovative approach to an unusual problem

Developing the final version of our AR-based solution for DCS has been an amazing technological journey. Participating in such an unusual project has given us the opportunity to think outside the box and incorporate our best creative ideas into an exceptional final product.

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