Rederij de Jong

Rederij de Jong is a family-run business that has been working as an independent shipping company for more than 100 years.


Moving from paper registration to fully digital

Rederij de Jong operates more than 100 barges with push boats and teams manning those boats. They keep track of everything that happens for all kinds of purposes, from insurance coverage to allocating to running contracts for invoicing. For all these operations, link (un)loading, transport and maintenance Marviq developed a system where all information is stored and centralized administered.

Any associated documents, usually generated by third parties overseeing some operations, can be stored at the same single spot. This results in a tailor-made system where the demands of Rederij de Jong fit the system exactly.

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Log administration and dossier allocation

Rederij de Jong uses this application on a daily basis where the logs that are kept by the boats are administered in the system. From this administration these actions on the log are allocated to the different dossiers they keep. These dossiers contain the records that concern the contract the dossier applies to.

This way the amount of manually copied data, from log to dossier to invoice, are reduced to a single point of entry causing the number of manual errors to be reduced and the information is available from anywhere with the use of a single query and click.

Headless backend API connectivity

The system of Rederij de Jong uses an ‘API-first’ approach, where all business rules are implemented in an server-side application enforcing the business rules and maintaining consistency and integrity of the data. A separate front-end application is used to navigate the application using a common browser. The use of this approach enables Rederij de Jong to extend the functionality beyond their own administrative front-end application. The extension of a Rederij de Jong-app for example, which could give their clients easy access to their dossiers and information associated with their contracts can be developed without the need for a new backend application.

RdJ boat

Next Steps

As this system is currently running for Rederij de Jongs internal processes, the data could be shared with customers to inform them in an automated way on their data. For instance, their clients can automatically be informed when an operation has started and completed on a contract. What the next invoice will be, etc.

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