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For Team Genie, a young Dutch company originating from the healthcare industry, Marviq developed an application for performance monitoring that transformed their Excel-based business formula into an innovative, state-of-the-art digital solution.

The main idea behind the startup was to facilitate the development of team performance and drive stable improvements based on customized plans. Marviq approached the challenge with utmost care and delivered a comprehensive yet user-friendly application that enables organizations to continuously monitor and improve their team performance and efficiency.

The online environment Marviq developed for Team Genie perfectly transformed an outdated and inefficient method into a modern tool, making it more versatile. The new enterprise solution can now be used for virtually any industry and is not limited to healthcare.

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Data-based improvement plans for standardized processes

The tool delivered by Marviq is based on themes and their subthemes, which consist of sets of questions

Within the application, users can access the questions and answer them according to the prompts for each possible choice, making it a standardized process. All answers are clearly described so you can easily measure and compare each team’s score.

When you answer such questions, you receive a score on a 1-5 smiley scale. Based on the score, management knows if the team’s performance needs to be improved and what steps need to be taken to increase the score and reach the goal.

A list of tasks is then created, which management assigns to the appropriate team members. With an improvement plan in place, management can monitor performance & team progress with minimal effort as well as create and import reports to track score trends over time.

The ultimate goal of the app is to ensure that all teams within an organization achieve and maintain the same high standards, despite differences in location, facilities, and employee experience.

Next Steps

Developed by Marviq for Team Genie, the online environment for implementing team improvement plans by assessing and increasing team scores across multiple themes and subthemes is highly universal and can be adapted to any industry.

Team Genie can now market the Marviq-developed solution not only in healthcare but also in many other business organizations, including a major supermarket chain as a newly acquired customer.

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