A factory management platform to connect and empower frontline workers

With over 20 years of experience, Marviq is an established name on the software house market. While we pride ourselves on our technical capabilities, the numerous projects we have completed over the years have also allowed us to recognize and identify gaps in the market. Working with some major manufacturers on various software projects, we discovered the need for a digital solution designed specifically for frontline workers.

Our team decided to take the initiative to develop a mobile app that addressed the problems non-desk workers face daily:

  • Difficulties in onboarding and training factory workers, leading to safety issues
  • Issues with communication and task management for both managers and factory workers

Our engineers have recognized these challenges and developed a digital solution – Yoho – that tackles the problems. We are aware that the manufacturing industry is rapidly changing and that each company may face additional issues specific to its niche. For this reason, we are currently working with Dutch manufacturers to gather more feedback and further improve Yoho according to our customers’ needs.

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Everything you need to know at your fingertips

We chose a mobile app as our solution because we knew the implementation effort needed to be kept to a minimum. We took advantage of the fact that most people already have mobile devices and use them every day and developed an app that is a one-stop-shop solution for factory workers.

One of Yoho’s primary functions as factory management platform, is facilitating the onboarding and on-the-job training processes. Our mobile app allows users to create and upload video content with instructions, manuals, and safety procedures, giving workers easy-to-follow training guides they can access at any time.

At the same time, management can track and monitor training progress, notify workers when they need to take additional training, and update video content to reflect the latest requirements.

Our partners who have tested the app have found that using Yoho to create an evergreen knowledge base for all employees has standardized onboarding and training procedures. It has also significantly reduced the length of time workers spend on training.

Another problem we solve with Yoho is ineffective communication and poor task and time management.

In multinational companies, employees often come from different countries and encounter communication issues due to the language barrier. In addition, the specifics of working in factories often make it difficult for employees to share knowledge and information, as they work at different workstations and cannot communicate freely.

Yoho offers a solution to both problems. While our factory newsfeed keeps everyone on the same page, a chat with a real-time multilingual translation feature makes it easy to talk to other employees without leaving your workstation.

We have also developed a task management system that allows management to delegate tasks to specific employees quickly and efficiently monitor task progress.

Our testers have appreciated how easy internal communication has become with Yoho’s newsfeed, chat, and task management system. The flow of information within our partner organizations has improved dramatically, and employees reported feeling more involved in company life.

Addressing your factory’s issues with a custom digital solution

While Yoho successfully addresses the main issues that factory workers face every day, we recognize that every manufacturing company operates differently. That’s why we strive to keep developing Yoho to meet the needs of each company. We are continuously adding new features and improving the app according to our customers’ feedback. We aim to be the best digital solution for factory workers on the market.

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