A woman as a software developer? It can work 🙂

Hi my name is Kasia. Just one month after moving to the Netherlands I started working at Marviq. I was wondering, a woman as a software developer, could that work.

Kasia Krystek

I do have a technical education and was working as an engineer before, but had never worked before as a software developer. Also working in an international team was new for me. So basically everything was new for me. It’s no surprise that I was a bit worried before my first day of work.

However, everyone was really helpful and I never felt lonely. From the moment I started, I felt part of the team. I got a lot of tips and advice how I should start my tasks. My colleagues were answering all my questions, even the most stupid ones.

Personal advice?

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Why Marviq?

Because no one treats you less because you are a woman, or a junior.

Everyone is equal. You can write „real” code from the beginning. And if you make a mistake, there is always someone who can explain to you how to do it better next time.

You work in a great atmosphere that helps you solve even the most difficult issues. But you can find a nice balance between work and fun. Are you tired fighting with one task for a long time? You can always refresh your brain playing the table football 🙂 No special treatment for women!

Marviq gives you opportunities and challenges. You don’t have to worry that you’ll stuck in one technology for ages. You can constantly learn new things and develop your skills which is really important for junior developers.

And if you think you’ll get only easy tasks – forget about it 🙂 You will never hear „this is too difficult for you”. You’ll always have a chance to show that you can do it!

A woman as a developer, yes, and you can do it too!

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