The lady on the train

By Barbara Uciechowska Disclaimer:All names, places and events are NOT coincidental. This is a true story. “Sometimes someone unexpectedly comes into your life and changes your life forever” – Inspiring quote from the internet. It was the beginning of 2020 and I just came back to my hometown Gdańsk, after an unsuccessful attempt to live […]

The metamorphosis – and success – of Marviq

By Mateusz Serafin As technology moves ahead at warp speed, companies are asking themselves various questions:“Are we up to date?”, “Are we attractive in the market?”, “Are we sufficiently effective and attractive?” This was also the case at Marviq, specifically when talking about front-end technologies. Why? When making decisions, it’s important to remember that every […]

Starting a new life in The Netherlands

By Ghaith AboulSaoud I’m Gijs. I’m from Syria, and I used to live in Saudi Arabia for many years. I have a bachelor’s degree in business administration, while most of my experience was in the IT and technical administration field. In 2017 my wife and I came to the Netherlands as refugees, because we couldn’t […]