3 Reasons Why Marviq Loves Angular

By Paulina Hryniewicz In the world of front-end web development, there are countless frameworks and libraries to choose from, Angular being one of them. Each developer has their own preferred way of working. However, when working in a team it’s best to agree on one or several platforms that everyone will use. At Marviq, we […]

How to Hit a Moving Target

Developing Methods to Test Complex Evolving Systems That Use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning By Paulina Hryniewicz At a time when humans are increasingly relying on machines to perform tasks that were once the exclusive domain of humans, it is important to understand what Evolving Systems are, how they work, and the challenges they pose […]

Modern e-commerce development

by Krzysztof Koper What is considered modern these days? I bet that everyone of you, doesn’t matter if you are a developer, recruiter, analyst, cto, ceo, cfo etc. have heard, at some point of time, that you need to be ‘modern’ if you want to survive. But what does it really mean in an e-commerce […]

The lady on the train

By Barbara Uciechowska Disclaimer:All names, places and events are NOT coincidental. This is a true story. “Sometimes someone unexpectedly comes into your life and changes your life forever” – Inspiring quote from the internet. It was the beginning of 2020 and I just came back to my hometown Gdańsk, after an unsuccessful attempt to live […]

The metamorphosis – and success – of Marviq

By Mateusz Serafin As technology moves ahead at warp speed, companies are asking themselves various questions:“Are we up to date?”, “Are we attractive in the market?”, “Are we sufficiently effective and attractive?” This was also the case at Marviq, specifically when talking about front-end technologies. Why? When making decisions, it’s important to remember that every […]