Team as a Service: Benefits of Deploying Developers for Startups and Enterprises

In the world of software development, the concept of “Team as a Service” is getting increasingly popular. It is a way for companies to get access to an entire team of developers and other professionals on demand, without having to hire them full time or commit to long-term contracts.

Natalia Szaryńska
Natalia Szarynska

Team as a service provides an agile, cost-effective solution for software development projects. It enables businesses to quickly respond to customer needs and stay ahead of the competition.

With Marviq you can contract developers on project-based or hour-based contracts, and they ensure they do the task effectively.

Working with a software house that rents developers allows you to take advantage of their industry knowledge and experience. This means you’ll get to work with highly qualified individuals who will complete your IT projects efficiently.

Working with Marviq you can hire experienced developers to join your in-house IT team. This way, you can speed up the project and save time, as well as get more expertise on subjects your team doesn’t have experience with. You can also supervise important software projects, and modernize and improve existing solutions.

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Benefits of Renting Developers for Startups and Enterprises
For Startups

Startups need to be careful when hiring. They’re still building their business, so making a bad hire could be costly. Technical recruiting companies can help by checking out applicants’ skills and seeing if they’re a good fit for the startup’s culture.

With Marviq you can find workers who can assist startups in navigating the challenges of starting a new business. We will make sure that our developers’ and architects’ qualifications and characteristics match your culture and meet your needs.

Another key benefit of renting developers is the ability to quickly scale up and down the team when required. Startups are often faced with the challenge of changing business requirements and the need to adapt quickly to changing market conditions. With “Team as a Service”, startups have the flexibility to bring on more developers and professionals when they need to ramp up their project. Similarly, they can then quickly scale down when their needs change. This helps them maintain agility and saves on costs and resources associated with traditional hiring methods. This flexibility makes “Team as a Service” a cost-effective and efficient solution for new companies. It allows them to focus on their core business and stay ahead of the competition.

Read the Team Genie case study to see how Marviq helped a young Dutch healthcare start-up develop their mobile app and branch out. Or read about Yoho – a digital instruction set app for deskless workers that we created from scratch.

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For Enterprise

Enterprises must act quickly to adapt to the constantly shifting business environment to maintain long-term success. Delays in bringing on board the qualified individuals required to propel objectives can halt their advancement. These delays may impede them from outpacing or keeping up with rival businesses. A software house with “Team as a Service” in its offering can assist in finding a solution to this issue. Marviq can help you quickly fill critical job vacancies by drawing from our large pool of difficult-to-find employees.

Marviq’s experienced developers can help you research and predict future trends. We provide knowledgeable guidance, and ensure your software development projects are delivered on time. By outsourcing your IT workload, you can concentrate on resolving internal problems and streamlining internal processes.

For enterprises, the ability to quickly scale up and down the team is a significant advantage. With traditional hiring practices, it can take months to bring on new employees, and just as long to let them go. This can be a major hindrance for enterprises that need to rapidly adjust their workforce in response to changes in the business environment. Renting developers, on the other hand, offers a flexible solution that enables enterprises to scale their team up or down as needed. This means they can respond quickly to changing business conditions, bring on new talent when they need it, and adjust their workforce as needed without the hassle and expense of hiring and firing full-time employees. In short, “Team as a Service” gives enterprises the agility they need to remain competitive in today’s rapidly changing business landscape.

Final Thoughts

Working together with a software house offering “Team as a Service” results in a synergy that reduces the time and expense associated with recruitment. Additionally, it spares you the annoyance and wasted resources that come with unreliable developers. Learn more about Marviq’s “Team as a Service”!

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