Scaling Up Your Renewable Energy Business: The Importance of Software Modernization

As a business in the renewable energy industry, you know that growth is essential to the success and survival of your company. However, scaling up can be a challenging process. It requires careful planning, dedicated leadership, and a commitment to staying current and efficient. One key element that is often overlooked is software modernization. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of software modernization in the renewable energy industry. We will talk about how it can help overcome the challenges of scaling up. We will also discuss how Marviq can assist in making the process of software modernization easier for your business.

Natalia Szaryńska
Natalia Szarynska

The Importance of Software Modernization in the Renewable Energy Industry
Legacy software blocking your way to growth

Businesses in the renewable energy industry face unique challenges when trying to scale up. The industry is highly competitive, and businesses need to stay current and efficient in order to stay competitive. However, many businesses in the renewable energy industry are still using outdated legacy systems that can be inflexible and difficult to adapt, making it hard for a company to grow.

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Modernize or start over?

Modernizing existing software is often a better option than starting from scratch. Not only is it more cost-effective, but it also saves time and resources. Building a completely new system from scratch can be a lengthy and costly process. Modernizing existing software allows you to keep the functionalities that are already working well and improve upon them. Additionally, starting from scratch can lead to compatibility issues and potential loss of data, making it a more risky option. Software modernization allows you to update and improve the current system. It makes it more efficient and effective, while minimizing disruptions to your business operations.This way you can ensure that your business is utilizing the latest technologies and can better adapt to the changing needs of the industry.

When in doubt – ask Marviq

Our software modernization services

Marviq offers a variety of software modernization services to assist businesses in the renewable energy industry. Our team of experts can help to assess your current systems, identify areas for improvement, and develop a plan to modernize your software. We understand the specific needs of the renewable energy industry and have the expertise to help you stay competitive and grow. Additionally, we can assist with migrating your software to the cloud to provide increased flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency for your business. With our help, your business can take advantage of the latest technologies and processes to improve efficiency, reduce costs and stay ahead of the competition.

Our modernization projects in the renewable energy industry

We have worked with many businesses in the renewable energy industry to help them modernize their software and scale up. Our case studies demonstrate the positive impact that software modernization can have on a business, and how Marviq can help to make the process easier.


We used digital technologies to optimize Bliq’s software system for growth. To give Bliq a competitive edge, we reviewed the existing software, migrated it to the cloud, and aligned the various elements of the system. We also created a dedicated portal where solar panel installers can view the energy performance of their systems.

Emergya Wind Technologies

Marviq modernized the existing software by developing a scalable application that retrieves daily data from the turbines/park controllers and creates insights that also help the maintenance subsidiary of EWT in performing predictive maintenance. The software fits the expected growth of EWT and is migrated to the cloud.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, software modernization is a crucial element for businesses in the renewable energy industry that want to scale up. It can help to overcome the challenges of growth and ensure that businesses stay competitive and efficient. Marviq can assist in making the process of software modernization easier. We have the expertise and experience to help your business grow.

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